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Official Name of Country: Republic of Uzbekistan.

Capital City: Tashkent.

Time: Time - +5 hours GMT (+2 hours to Moscow Standard Time)

Language: official language is Uzbek. Russian is used as language of inter-ethnic communication.

Local currency: Uzbek sum.

Public holidays and non-working days:January 1 (New Year’s Day), March 8 (International Women's Day), March 21 (Navruz), May 9 (Memorial Day), September 1 (Independence Day), December 8 (Constitution Day), and also religious holidays with changing dates: Ramadan Khait and Kurban Khait.

The climate in Uzbekistan is extreme continental. It is expressed in sharp amplitudes of day and night, summer and winter temperatures. The temperature difference is quite significant depending on the season. The average January temperature drops to -6 ° C, and the average July temperature rises to + 32° C. The average annual rainfall in plain areas is 120 to 200 mm; in the mountains areas it reaches 1,000 mm.

Transport communication
Almost each major city in Uzbekistan has its own airport. The largest cities in the world have good air connections with the Tashkent airport.

Uzbekistan entry regime
For citizens of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, and Ukraine, there are no visa formalities for entry into the Republic of Uzbekistan, with a permitted stay period of up to 60 days. Entry into Uzbekistan requires an international passport. The international passport validity period must cover the entire period of stay within the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Customs declaration
Filling in a customs declaration form in 2 copies is a mandatory requirement that takes effect upon arrival in Uzbekistan. There shall be declared the exact amount of currency, valuable and expensive things: jewellery, expensive electronic devices, photography equipment, etc. One copy of the declaration is kept by customs officers; the other copy, customs-marked, is issued to you. You must keep that copy of the customs declaration until you leave the country. Upon departure, you need to refill the customs declaration in 1 copy and provide customs with the entry declaration previously issued to you.

Registration at the place of residence
Upon arrival in the Republic of Uzbekistan, a foreign citizen must register at the place of residence within 72 hours from the time of his/her entry into the country. All hotels in Uzbekistan register foreign citizens automatically and free of charge upon their checking into the hotel. The exception is a small number of private guest houses that do not provide any registration to foreign citizens. Please note that when leaving the country, registration is checked for by immigration officers. Infringement of the registration (temporary residence permit) by a foreign citizen entails a fine ranging from fifty to one hundred minimum wages.

All the major hotels, as well as banks, are furnished with currency exchange offices. The currencies accepted for exchange include US dollars, euros, British pounds and Japanese yens.

Credit cards and ATMs.
The practice of payment for services by credit card is not widespread in Uzbekistan. Visa and Master Card are accepted at some of the hotels and in a small amount of restaurants in Tashkent.

Mobile communication in Uzbekistan
You can get a local SIM-card at any mobile communications provider’s office by providing your passport and the document confirming your registration at the hotel.
Uzmobile GSM:

How to call emergency services
Police: 02; Ambulance: 03;
Directory Inquiry Service: 1200909; 09.

The contact information of the embassies which countries Uzbekistan has diplomatic relations with can be found on the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan.