Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Opportunities

Exhibition sponsorship offers the unique opportunities to expand the presence of your company at the exhibition and allows for your standing out among the competitors.

Use the opportunities to maintain your successful company status, expand your business, enter new markets, attract maximum attention of the target audience to your brand, and find new customers.

The Sponsor’s status will allow for associating your name with the major industry event not only during the exhibition but also BEFORE and AFTER it.

You are offered the following sponsorship packages:

  • General sponsorship
  • Sponsorship of Press Conference
  • Sponsorship of registration
  • Sponsorship of VIP Lounge
  • Sponsorship of evening reception
  • Sponsorship of official catalogue
  • Sponsorship of promotional gifts

Important: The sooner you decide on the sponsorship, the more effective opportunities and advantages you will get and the more effective and successful your participation will be.

We will answer all your questions and send you more information about the exhibition sponsorship opportunities.